Our Services

SEGLC provides union electric services for large & midsize industrial and commercial projects throughout the USA.

SEGLC is a 100% ESOP owned Company which has been in business since 1991.  Our customers are numerous and varied but primarily related to the Automotive Sector of our economy.

We are a full service electrical contractor with extensive engineering and design build experience.  We also maintain extensive partnering relationship throughout the country and we can organize and manage major construction projects just about anywhere a customer may desire.  Service is the number one priority for our customers.

Automotive Facilities & Process Equipment

SEGLC is listed as a preferred electrical bidder for the three major automotive companies in our area GM, Ford, and Chrysler.  We are committed to providing our customers with services that are of superior quality, on time, and within budgets.

Examples of our automotive and process type work experience are as follows:

Body Shops

Trim & Assembly

Paint Shops


Stamping Plants

Engine Plants


Heavy Industrial

SEGLC has been involved in many large multi-trades projects with aggressive deadlines and complex systems.  Many of these large projects require major tooling, engineering, and project management techniques.

Examples of our experience with this type of work are as follows:

Data Centers

Power Generation Plants

Co-Generation Projects

Chemical Treatment Plants

Waste Treatment Plants

Water Treatment Facilities

Specialty Industry

SEGLC has worked on many different and interesting projects.  Our expertise of handling complex and demanding projects has allowed us to service different market niches.

Examples of these projects are as follows:

Airport Facilities

Pharmaceutical Facilities

Fire Alarm Systems

Security Networks

Solar Installations

Wind Turbines

Food Processing

Cement Plants


SEGLC has performed many large commercial projects, a majority on a D&B basis.  Oftentimes, these projects accompany the manufacturing facility adjacent to the project.

Example of these projects are as follows:

Office Administration Buildings

Health Care Facilities

Parking Decks

Educational Facilities

Sport Stadiums

R&D Buildings

Lab Buildings