Superior Electric Great Lakes Company

SEGLC is a full-service, employee-owned electrical contractor with extensive engineering and design experience.

We are committed to providing our customers with quality electrical solutions that are on-time and on budget. SEGLC takes pride in our knowledge and state-of-the-art capabilities in planning and bidding. Our 360⁰ approach to supply, design and build installations has earned us a distinctive reputation for excellence, allowing us to service many different markets.






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Setting a Superior Standard for Service Since 1991


Superior Electric Great Lakes Company is:

SAFETY-DRIVEN Ensure our safety standards are met. We make safety a culture, not just a requirement.

ENJOYABLE Create an enjoyable, family-oriented working environment in the field and in the office.

GIVING Give back to our employees and the broader community. We promote a culture of generosity and caring.

LEAN Ensure efficiency through lean contracting and operational methods. We always strive to find better and smarter ways to work, internally and externally.

CUSTOMER-DRIVEN Serve all clients with integrity, and always provide the best possible service even when it means going above and beyond the standard call of duty.

corporate standards

Superior Electric is a turnkey electrical contractor, performing the highest quality work, from the incoming service to the outgoing data signals. All while doing it efficiently and economically.

Our skilled professionals take a proactive approach to project management. We know the industry. We anticipate potential problems before they arise; and we take meticulous care to ensure that every job meets customer specifications, as well as our own high standards of excellence.

At Superior, we like to say that we are only as good as our last job. This philosophy drives us to continually exceed past performances and to raise the bar with every contract. We listen to our customers, take note, and strive to exceed their expectations. Superior Electric is more than our name; it is how we deliver our promise for exceptional service. It is how we do business and develop relationships that last.

philosophy and policy

Superior Electric is an equal
opportunity employer

It is SEGLC’s philosophy and policy that any unlawful discrimination against any employee or applicant based on race, creed, color, sex, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, height, weight, veteran or marital status, non-disqualifying disability, and any other such characteristics proscribed by the laws of the Federal, State or local government, will not be allowed or tolerated. This policy applies to all employment practices, including, by way of illustration and not by way of limitation: recruiting, hiring, promotion, pay rates, conditions of employment, disciplinary action and termination. We believe that we are all equal and support each other in the day-to-day operations and advancement of the company.

Our History

This timeline shows significant corporate events and key industrial projects that enabled Superior Electric Great Lakes Co. to take root as a local Midwestern company in 1991 and transform over the next 30 years into a multi-million-dollar company with projects across the nation.

  • The Early Years

    Superior Electric Great Lakes Company is established by three shareholders in Lorain, OH.

    U.S. Steel Plant, Lorain, OH – The company’s first customer contracted for a blast furnace reline.

  • The Early Years

    Office established in Troy, MI – Company relocates from Lorain office and pursues automotive work.

  • The Early Years

    New Headquarters – Company Purchases new building at 264 Executive Drive and now has 15 employees, plus electricians.

    Great Lakes Steel, Detroit – Installation of coke by-products equipment.

  • The Early Years

    Shareholder Buyout – One original shareholder buys out the other two and sells 50% of the company to Rick McFeely.

  • Equipping Automotive Plants

    Chrysler Newark Assembly Plant, Delaware – Equipment installation.

  • Equipping Automotive Plants

    Major automotive projects propel Superior through the growing pains of a start-up into a financially secure company.

  • Equipping Automotive Plants

    Chrysler Jefferson North Assembly Plant, Detroit – New Product changeover work through 1998.

  • Equipping Automotive Plants

    GM Engine Plant, Flint – Assist with construction of this new plant.

  • Equipping Automotive Plants

    GM Lansing Grand River Assembly Plant – Assist with construction of this new plant through 2003.

    Chrysler Toledo North Assembly Plant – Equipment installation at the new plant through 2000.

  • Executive Changes, Expanding Projects

    Company Buyout – Rick McFeely purchases the other 50% of the company for full ownership and becomes President and CEO.

  • Executive Changes, Expanding Projects

    GM Shreveport Assembly Plant – Equipment installation.

  • Executive Changes, Expanding Projects

    GM Lordstown Assembly Plant – Equipment Installation.

  • Executive Changes, Expanding Projects

    GM Lansing Delta Township Assembly Plant – Assist in construction through 2007.

  • Executive Changes, Expanding Projects

    North Terminal at Detroit Metro Airport – Assist in construction of the new terminal through 2007.

  • Executive Changes, Expanding Projects

    GM Springhill Assembly Plant – Equipment Installation.

  • Pivoting Through Economic Crisis

    Auto Industry Blues – Chrysler and General Motors declare bankruptcy. Superior continues working for both companies and accepts slower payments.

    Delta Dental of Michigan – Design-build new data center and headquarters buildings through 2010.

  • Pivoting Through Economic Crisis

    To power through the slowdown, Superior seeks projects in non-automotive industries.

  • Pivoting Through Economic Crisis

    SeverStal Steel Mill – Assist in construction of a new steel mill at the Ford Rouge Complex through 2012.

  • Pivoting Through Economic Crisis

    Marathon Petroleum Detroit Refinery – Equipment installation for heavy oil processing through 2013.

  • Pivoting Through Economic Crisis

    GM Warren Technical Center – Design-build project to construct a primary data center through 2015.

  • Pivoting Through Economic Crisis

    GM Milford Proving Grounds – Design-build project to construct a redundant data center through 2016.

  • Becoming Employee-Owned

    Becoming an ESOP – Superior pursues employee-ownership status after Rick McFeely implements his succession plan.

    Weather crisis tests our capabilities – A summer storm inundates southeastern Michigan, causing severe flooding at the GM Warren Technical Center. Superior responds immediately to GM’s plight by mobilizing the entire company, working 24/7. The Tech Center is back up and running within a week, and Superior makes permanent repairs on-site over the next six months.

  • Becoming Employee-Owned

    Finance & Management Changes – Rick McFeely sells 100% of his shares to the new Superior Electric ESOP Trust. He remains as President and CEO, as well as Chairman of the new Board of Directors. Dale Massy is promoted to Executive VP & COO.

    GM T1XX Truck Projects at Fort Wayne and Flint assembly plants – design-build projects through 2018.

  • Becoming Employee-Owned

    Historic Renovation – Rehabilitate the GM Flint Factory One Building (the Dort Durant Carriage Factory). It was the first GM facility, built in the 1880s.

  • Succession Plan and Expansion

    Company Restructures – Superior Great Lakes Holdings, Inc. is created and becomes the parent company of Superior Electric Great Lakes Co.

  • Succession Plan and Expansion

    Crisis Reconstruction – Meridian Magnesium, a Tier 1 supplier to Ford Motor Co., has a major fire at its main manufacturing facility, leading to parts shortages and plant closures at Ford. While the fires are still hot, Superior is hired as part of a recovery team – restoring partial production within a week and rebuilding the facility over the next six months.

    Executive Changes – Rick McFeely retires, remains Chairman of the Board of Directors; Jeffrey Jamerino is promoted to President and CEO.

    Ford Chicago Assembly Plant – Major equipment changeover through 2019.

    New Headquarters – Superior moves into a new building at 1740 E. Maple Rd. in Troy, MI, in November. The move centralizes four office and warehouse buildings into one and expands to 50,000 ft2 under one roof.

  • Succession Plan and Expansion

    Mazda/Toyota Assembly Plant – Design-build project to construct a new assembly plant in Huntsville, AL.

    Executive Changes – Sam Rozenberg was announced as Chief Information Officer of Superior Electric Great Lakes Company.

    GM Factory Zero – Equipment Installation.

    Brose New Boston Expansion – SEGLC completes work on the 180000 sq ft. addition to the New Boston, Michigan Facility.

    US Signal Data Center – Equipment Installation.

    Troy, MI building entry – SEGLC renovates the entry area of the Troy Building.

    Joined NECA – SEGLC joins the National Electrical Contractors association.

  • Succession Plan and Expansion

    Executive Changes – Jaqueline Hernandez joins SEGLC as Vice President of Human Resources.

    Pandemic Response – SEGLC  works from March to May at home due to pandemic.

    SEGLC Share price – Has Virtual reveal of share price on May 20th.

    BESCO – Nashville, TN acquired to become SETVC and SMTVC – Larry Pittsley Vice president of Tennessee Operations.

    GM DMAX Brookeville – Equipment Installation.

    ESOP – Repurchase obligation portfolio established.

  • Succession Plan and Expansion

    Established SESAS – SEGLC establishes Superior Electric Security and Access Solutions Company.

    SEGLC – Begins formal performance review process.

    Share price – Share price reveal is back in-person.

    NECA convention – National Electrical Contractors Association convention is held in Nashville, TN.

    SEGLC – Hosts combined MI/TN golf outing held at Prestwick Village.

  • Succession Plan and Expansion

    Stephenson property and John R. Building – Are aquired by SEGLC.

    Renovations – to the SEGLC Lansing office.

    Renovations – Phase I of Troy, Mi outdoor lunch/gathering area.

    ESOP – TN employees receive their “first piece of the (ESOP) pie”.