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SEGLC Awarded Detroit Free Press Top Workplaces for Small Sized Companies

Superior Electric Great Lakes Company is proud to have received recognition for the Detroit Free Press Top Workplaces for small-sized companies. During the process for this recognition, SEGLC scored 91% in the employee surveys conducted. SEGLC is becoming more and more recognized, not only for excellence in the industry, but as an employer of choice. Ranking 13th out of 90 in addition to the Crain’s Detroit Business 2022 100 Cool Places to Work award, only further solidifies SEGLC as a culture rich, progressive, and empowering team to be a part of.



Superior Electric Great Lakes Company (“SEGLC”) is a 100% employee-owned company. While companies speak about culture, we live it every day. Culture is the very core of our existence and part of every aspect of our business. SEGLC employees are equal leaders who must be collaborative team builders as owners of our company. Our success is based upon the contribution of each employee-owner. This is a game changer for culture. SEGLC employees work for and are responsible to each other. Because we are in this together, there is no “climbing the corporate ladder” or undermining another employee. We all have a direct impact on and profit from our personal commitment to work and the incredible people who are an extension of our family. There is a place for everyone in a “team-first” belief that is inclusive of and committed to each other. We win by working together as a family, supporting our core values and mission.


Our vision is to create the most rewarding work environment where employee-owners can thrive, maximize company value, build employee legacy and deliver exceptional service.


Our mission is to build a company culture that is invested in each other, driven to deliver superior service, and committed to sustainability that fulfills the ESOP promise and creates a legacy for the next generation.

Interesting Facts

We are a 100% ESOP company. All employees are owners and receive annual stock awards. We also match employee 401K contributions $1 up to the first $3200 and then $0.50 for every dollar thereafter with no cap. This starts over every January 1st of each calendar year. At year end, all employees receive a discretionary cash bonus. The CEO and COO personally distribute the bonuses at our Christmas party in the office. It is a huge celebration and kicks off the holidays for our employees. Additional monies in the form of profit sharing are put into employees’ 401K plan accounts. We have paid bonuses and issued profit sharing for the last 23 years. Employees are overwhelmed by our bonus program and the way SEGLC shares the profit.

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