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Safety And Quality

Recognized for quality and commitment to safety.

SE is committed to employee safety, jobsite performance, integrity and innovative cost-saving techniques. We provide the highest quality while maximizing efficiency. Our success is measured in continued long-lasting relationships and has proven that our process exceeds expectations and provides the best project value.

SE is committed to lean construction, design and delivery.


SE consistently meets and exceeds client expectations as our business continues to grow and diversify.

Our state-of-the-art capabilities in planning and bidding, and our ability to supply, design, and build installations of the highest quality, have earned us a reputation for excellence. But a reputation is not enough. Our team of skilled professionals set high standards and ensure that every job meticulously adheres to customer specifications. 

SE is dedicated to lean construction, design and delivery to prevent waste of materials and labor. We encourage lean thinking, strive for perfection, and build a collaborative environment to provide our customers with the best value. These lean principles allow us to focus on continuous improvement, demonstrate a pro-active approach for our customers, minimize waste and maximize value.


Safety at SE is the very core of how we operate, and it is our commitment to each member of our team and affiliations.

SE’s exemplary record of sending our employees home safe every day is a result of our commitment and a process that is designed to protect our people. We have a safety plan that works. All our supervisory personnel have received OSHA, first aid, and CPR training. Specifically, trained safety supervisors are directing our safety efforts, planning the safe execution of upcoming tasks, and coordinating safety with our customers as well as with other contractors on site. At the start of each day, we take time at every jobsite to review tasks and potential safety hazards with all our electricians. SE also ensures that every electrician has all the personal protective equipment and other tools necessary to work safely.


In recognition of outstanding construction safety, SE recently received the Gold Safety Award for contractors with over 500,000 hours worked from the Construction Association of MI.




SE’s partnership with local and national IBEW Technicians means that our craftsmen are accepted in all industry capacities.


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