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Project Overview

To begin this project, our team designed and built (2) Power Distribution Containers (PDC) in our prefabrication dept, with the help of our engineering team. The PDC’s distribute power to (4) 200HP pumps to control infiltration of ground water. The pumps are controlled with the latest in SCADA technology and can be operated remotely by phone or computer. The quarry is being filled with fly ash from DTE Power Plants in the local area. It will take approximately 20 years for the quarry to fill to the top, and the PDC containers will continue to move up as the quarry fills in. Superior also powered a very large conveyor system at the top of a 150 ft cliff that will sling the ash into the quarry. We distributed 13,400 volt power supplied in parallel feeds to the bottom of the quarry, dropping them over the cliff with a 12 man team who did an excellent job keeping safety at the forefront of our workmanship. This project will be one that is remembered by all who participated. 

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