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Project Overview

Summary: On May 2, 2018 Meridian Magnesium experienced a catastrophic fire and explosion. While no lives were lost, 2 employees were injured, and their manufacturing process was destroyed. Walbridge and Ford Motor Company marshaled a global team of experts to remedy the immediate situation and rebuild the facility to resume manufacturing. SEGLC’s expertise in many facets of the industry made us a clear choice for the team.

  • Core Commitment to Safety
  • Emergency Response Team
  • Engineering Capabilities
  • Execution of the Work
  • Milestone Achievement

SEGLC’s response was immediate and focused. Safety and isolation being the utmost concern, followed by die extraction for Ford Motor Company and ultimately rebuilding the facility and process power distribution system. The teamwork, dedication and collaboration brought not only production of the F-150 back online earlier than targeted, but also resumed manufacturing at the facility ahead of schedule. Meridian Magnesium and their employees were noticeably relieved to be back to normal, and SEGLC is honored to have been a significant part of the process.

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