SEGLC Awarded Detroit Free Press Top Workplaces for Small Sized Companies

Superior Electric Great Lakes Company is proud to have received recognition for the Detroit Free Press Top Workplaces for small-sized companies. During the process for this recognition, SEGLC scored 91% in the employee surveys conducted. SEGLC is becoming more and more recognized, not only for excellence in the industry, but as an employer of choice. Ranking 13th out of 90 in addition to the Crain’s Detroit Business 2022 100 Cool Places to Work award, only further solidifies SEGLC as a culture rich, progressive, and empowering team to be a part of.


Superior Electric Great Lakes Company (“SEGLC”) is a 100% employee-owned company. While companies speak about culture, we live it every day. Culture is the very core of our existence and part of every aspect of our business. SEGLC employees are equal leaders who must be collaborative team builders as owners of our company. Our success is based upon the contribution of each employee-owner. This is a game changer for culture. SEGLC employees work for and are responsible to each other. Because we are in this together, there is no “climbing the corporate ladder” or undermining another employee. We all have a direct impact on and profit from our personal commitment to work and the incredible people who are an extension of our family. There is a place for everyone in a “team-first” belief that is inclusive of and committed to each other. We win by working together as a family, supporting our core values and mission.


Our vision is to create the most rewarding work environment where employee-owners can thrive, maximize company value, build employee legacy and deliver exceptional service.


Our mission is to build a company culture that is invested in each other, driven to deliver superior service, and committed to sustainability that fulfills the ESOP promise and creates a legacy for the next generation.

Interesting Facts

We are a 100% ESOP company. All employees are owners and receive annual stock awards. We also match employee 401K contributions $1 up to the first $3200 and then $0.50 for every dollar thereafter with no cap. This starts over every January 1st of each calendar year. At year end, all employees receive a discretionary cash bonus. The CEO and COO personally distribute the bonuses at our Christmas party in the office. It is a huge celebration and kicks off the holidays for our employees. Additional monies in the form of profit sharing are put into employees’ 401K plan accounts. We have paid bonuses and issued profit sharing for the last 23 years. Employees are overwhelmed by our bonus program and the way SEGLC shares the profit.

Press Releases

Superior Electric Great Lakes Company Ranks Top 10 in Crain’s Cool Places to Work in Michigan

(Detroit – September 6, 2022) Superior Electric Great Lakes Company (SEGLC) was
recognized among the top 10 in their category for medium sized companies, and 28th overall for 100 Cool Places to Work in Michigan.

“Superior Electric provides a workplace where we grow together and seek ways to advance as an organization, individuals, and a team. As a 100% employee-owned company, each employee is truly an owner which is a game changer for the employee culture.” Said Jacqueline Hernandez, Vice President of Human Resources.

The annual Crain’s list recognizes the state’s top 100 coolest places to work based on a two-part survey that evaluates the workplace culture and employee satisfaction that is confidentially completed by employees.

“Our focus has always been to lead with intention, honesty, and accountability. We use this as a benchmark to build an organization that supports a culture where employees are equal leaders. This has been actualized with our 100% emplovee ownership — we all win when we work together,” explained Dale Massy, Executive Vice President & COO. “Being named one of the state’s coolest places to work is significant as it recognizes and validates the value and strength of our team-first belief and commitment to building and maintaining a fun and positive culture.”

The delivery of superior service and products that have fueled the growth and success of the company is only possible through trust, reliability, and the unwavering commitment of the team. SEGLC invests in each other and strives to maintain a fun work experience and puts employee satisfaction to the forefront. This goes beyond competitive salaries and excellent benefits. They provide opportunities for advancement, annual stock awards, company outings,
end of the week gatherings in a state-of-the-art breakroom, and much more.

“It is a real sense of family and community throughout the entire company. As employee-owners, we work diligently to deliver the highest quality services to our customers. I am proud to be a part of such an excellent group of professionals and excited for the future of Superior Electric Great Lakes Company,” said Dale Massy.

About Superior Electric Great Lakes Company

Based out of Troy, MI and serving industries nationwide, Superior Electric Great Lakes Company (SEGLC) is a full-service, employee-owned electrical contractor with extensive engineering and design experience. SEGLC provides union electrical services for large & midsize industrial and commercial projects in manufacturing, automotive, oil & gas, healthcare, civil/state and specialty industries throughout the nation.

As a 100% employee-owned company, our focus is on the best delivery of service to our clients through a team that is committed to each other. We promote a safe, challenging, and enjoyable workplace where everyone shares in growth and success.


Superior’s Video Wall Carts at GM Tech Center’s EV Display

In 2020, General Motors tasked Superior’s A/V division (headed by Steve Alicea) with designing and creating some video wall carts for the electric vehicle display at the Global Tech Center. Our work was then featured in the main photo on the Yahoo News article detailing GM’s 13 electric vehicles on display. To read the article about GM’s push towards electric and to see Superior’s handywork, visit the Yahoo News link below. You will see the video cart displays featured all along the back of the photo.


CIO Sam Rozenberg Featured in Crain’s Magazine

Sam and his co-founder, Paul Vlasic, recently helped develop a web-based platform for nonprofits that was featured in Crain’s magazine. The platform is called Share Detroit. Share Detroit was created to connect Detroit nonprofits to both donors and volunteers. In addition, the nonprofits who set up a page on the site can promote their events or post wish lists. All of this is at no cost to the nonprofit. Congratulations to Sam. A job well done in supporting our local community! To read the full article from Crain’s magazine, please see below.


Tennessee Valley Featured in Electrical Contractor Magazine

Our Tennessee Valley team was recently featured in Electrical Contractor Magazine, which highlighted a roundup of prominent Nashville projects. Superior Electric Tennessee Valley employees Richard Vik and Kyle Dye were interviewed and featured for the Assembly Food Hall project. We love to see our team’s hard work recognized and celebrated. To read the article, visit the link below. Our team is mentioned in the “Assembly Food Hall” portion.   

Link to article: 



The Superior team was fortunate enough to hold the annual ESOP Golf Outing at Prestwick Village on September 19 – A fully outdoor event where the SEGLC team had the pleasure of meeting some of our new Tennessee Valley teammates. The outing was played in a shotgun format this year and followed by dinner. Thank you to Steve and Cristina (wife) Reap for planning and putting on this event for the ESOP members. 


SEGLC Recognized for Outstanding Safety

A special thank you to our Superior team (the safety department, the field, and project management) for your commitment to safety as a culture. Congratulations to all involved in these three projects! 

CAM Safety Achievement Award – Gold 

Status in the following categories: 

▪ Lost Workdays 

▪ OSHA Recordable Injuries 

▪ 500,000+ Hours Worked 

The Association of Union Contractors (TAUC) Award for Excellence in Construction Safety and Health – Category II (500,000+ hours worked) 

Zero Injury Safety Award (ZISA) – Awarded to three of Kevin Kennedy’s projects at the GM Warren Tech Center: 

▪ VEC Stage 4 Transformation (75,783 hours worked) 

▪ VEC Stage 3 Transformation (75,410 hours worked) 

▪ AEC 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Floor Transformation (85,478 hours worked) 

Press Releases

Superior Electric Acquires the Nashville, Tennessee division of BESCO

We are pleased to announce that Superior Electric Great Lakes Company has officially acquired the Nashville, Tennessee division of BESCO as of June 28, 2020. This division of BESCO has provided premier electrical services for clients across an array of industries since its inception in 2008. They have expanded their capabilities into mechanical services offering expertise in fabrication, installation, maintenance, and repair while maintaining their core expertise in electrical services. 

Superior Electric and BESCO have maintained a long-standing partnership over the years working on several projects together resulting in an estimated $80 million in revenue. We share the same core values when it comes to our customers and employees. As a result, this acquisition was a natural progression for both companies’ future growth. This acquisition allows Superior Electric to diversify into other industries thus strengthening our position in the marketplace. It also affords both parties the opportunity to maximize best practices and synergies. 

The Nashville division will operate under the legal entity names of Superior Electric Tennessee Valley Company (SETVCO) and Superior Mechanical Tennessee Valley Company (SMTVCO). Larry Pittsley will continue as Vice President providing leadership to the Nashville team. 

Please join us in welcoming the Nashville BESCO team to our family. We all look forward to continuing to serve you. 

Speaking engagements

The Growth Collective Podcast

Mar 27, 2020
The number of Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) have expanded since they were established as qualified retirement plans in 1974. ESOPs can benefit both the organization and employees including team members receiving significant retirement benefits at no monetary cost to the employee. Research shows ESOP companies are more productive, faster growing, more profitable and have lower turnover.

My guest for this episode is Jeff Jamerino, President and CEO Superior Electric Great Lakes Company. Jeff led conversion of the organization from a single shareholder to a 100% ESOP which has had a profound impact on the success of the organization and engagement of team members. Listen in as Jeff shares lessons learned in the transition along with insights into building a family-centric culture that drives engagement and retention in a highly competitive industry.

Connect with Jeff Jamerino

Connect with Susan Morgan Bailey


General Motors DMAX Brookville, Ohio Project

“Work at GM Brookville is coming to a close. This project utilized various lean practices and methods to deliver the customer a project that met all of their design criteria, stayed on budget, as well as met the expanded schedule (due to COVID-19 impacts). The extended pre-con phase of the project allowed for complete scope development by the team. In the end, we delivered the electrical portion of the project with less than 0.5% in changes.” – Project Manager, Scott Dupuie